Hampshire-based display graphics specialist Coker Expo has bought an HP Latex R2000 hybrid printer from Adapt to support a new partnership that will offer a modular display system that uses programmable internal lighting to provide ‘animated’ images in a variety of retail, corporate and hospitality settings.

To be launched later in the spring as retail and hospitality venues open further, the Huebox system comprises a range of aluminium framed display panels which may be floor-standing or wall-mounted,  and which can contain a range of LED  lighting options from simple backlight to complex programmable displays in which multiple lights can be animated to provide a moving display from a static printed image.

The choice of the HP Latex hybrid was made because of the colour vibrancy achievable on DPI backlit polyester films, according to Nick Bush, national sales manager at Adapt, plus Coker Expo’s intention to move into printing on rigid media. The company was already familiar with HP Latex technology, having a Latex 365 roll printer.

Ashley Coker, owner and CEO of Coker Expo, said having a reliable printer with guaranteed print quality in place is critical to ensuring a successful launch of the new partnership with Huebox:

‘We chose this machine as HP Latex is by far the frontrunner in printing technology,’ Mr Coker said. ‘We always make a point of buying the best machinery. The HP Latex R2000 has the largest colour gamut on the market; it is incredibly versatile and fits the bill perfectly.

‘Coker Expo has partnered with Huebox to deliver the highest quality lightbox solutions to the market. As the HP Latex R2000 is such a dynamic piece of printing kit, we are excited about what we can achieve.’

The company started out as a large format photographic specialist, diversifying with the arrival of digital print into exhibitions stands, counters and banners, and now sees the new HP printer as a way to further expand its offerings.

‘Investment in the new HP Latex R2000 is a big statement from us, as we move back towards a focus on print and large-format display production,’ Mr Coker added. ‘We want to showcase the quality of our history alongside our adaptability, and the HP R2000 allows us to do just this.’