CMYUK has been appointed to handle Highcon’s range of digital cutting and creasing machines in the UK, targeting the folding carton and corrugated print markets.

The entire line of the Israeli company’s cutting and creasing systems will be handled by CMYUK, including the Beam 2 ‘non-stop’ configuration, the Euclid 5C for corrugated packaging/PoS, Beam 2, Euclid 5 and Euclid 5S for folding cartons, all of which are already installed and in operation at various sites around the world. By eliminating the need to create conventional dies, set-up can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than weeks, according to Highcon, while also saving on the materials and energy required to produce them.

Robin East, sales and marketing director at CMYUK, commented, ‘The post-printing environment for carton and corrugated packaging has long been ripe for digital disruption, and this is exactly what Highcon has set out to do. Its solutions are designed to keep abreast of market demands that are increasingly driven by multi-channel e-commerce, personalisation, versioning, on-demand printing, faster lead times, and ecological accountability.’ He also noted CMYUK’s experience with Kongsberg cutting tables which have a strong presence in packaging prototyping and templating for analogue print and manufacture.

‘CMYUK represents manufacturers with the most versatile cutting and finishing products, and efficient end-to-end productivity software. They have a really strong go-to market strategy and are already acquainted with many of our target customers.  There are a great deal of untapped opportunities in the UK, and we are sure that our relationship with CMYUK will be very successful,’ said Steve Donegal, Highcon Regional Sales Manager UK and Ireland.