Car park specialist PCM’s new Jetrix LXi7 LED UV flatbed has proved so successful that the company has set up a new business called UK Signs.

PCM operates across residential, commercial, retail and leisure locations throughout the UK and has extensive signage needs. The company therefore installed the 2.5 x 3m Jetrix as it was able to handle a wide variety of jobs whilst maintaining high standards. 

However the company found that the printer could easily manage this work and still have more to offer. The senior team therefore took the decision to invest and set up a sister business called UK Signs dedicated to producing indoor and outdoor signage.

‘This is a new era for us, welcoming the JETRIX LXi7 into our business,’ said Ian Cordingley, director at Parking Control Management. ‘After reviewing what was available in the market, this just felt like the best fit for us both in terms of what it can achieve and it’s competitive price. It is now being used right the way through our business, doing everything from small scale information boards to large format signs.  

‘In fact, the Jetrix capabilities surprised us so much! That is why we took the decision to set up UK Signs and increase significantly what we were producing on it. Since them we have produced several major jobs and are frequently tendering for more. It’s speed and abilities mean we have been able to be both extremely competitive on prices and also go for jobs that we would never have been able to look at before. We’re looking forward to continuing to put it through its paces!’

Ben Woodruff, Head of Jetrix UK Sales at InkTec Europe added, ‘Interestingly we’re installing more and more Jetrix printers directly into businesses as many of the larger corporations are choosing to have an in-house creative and printing resource. In particular, the Jetrix LXi7 is perfect for fulfilling the requirements of these kind of environments, as it is relatively simple to use, delivers great printing results, but also competitive on price and engineered to last.’