Specialist printing company Then Print has praised InkTec Europe’s dye sublimation ink for helping it produce complex applications and print on difficult areas such as underneath or on the handles of mugs.

Peterborough-based Then Print specialises in high volume items including the development and manufacture of specialist merchandise for the music industry, high visibility vests for the construction sector and personalised promotional items, including mugs. 

‘To stay ahead in this busy market, we need to be actively pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, while also responding to what our customers are looking for,’ said Then Print managing director, Simon Bannister. ‘We want to be creative, so we don’t want to be thinking about whether what we are using will work. This only comes from using good products and working with quality suppliers such as InkTec inks from Ink Experts.’

Speaking about the ink in question, SubliNova Smart, Mr Bannister added, ‘We are doing in excess of 28,000 prints a year involving all manner of complicated designs including printing on and under mug handles, 360 degree printing and full bleeds top to bottom.

‘There are no concerns with fading and what is more, sublimation coatings are getting better and better. This means clear coats are making these products dishwasher resistant too. The reason why we can achieve this, is because we have complete confidence in the products we are using. This in turn is enabling us to really push the boundaries of what can be achieved in this arena.’

Peter Davidson, head of IP consumables sales at InkTec Europe added, ‘We rapidly realised our ink goes beyond our expectations with its superior printing quality under various printing environments. And as a result, were keen to make it even more accessible, which is why SubliNova Smart is now available in a variety of volumes including the increasingly popular 10 x 100ml bottle packs. It is great to be able to support businesses like Ink Experts and Then Print and watch them grow and thrive.’