Vehicle wrapping specialist WrapHub has installed an Epson SureColor SC-S80600 at its site in Northampton.

The company, which was set up by Dan Smith two years ago, also delivers a range of branding services including motor sport livery and hi-vis markings.

Mr Smith was keen to develop the business and win new work, hence the investment in the SureColor. He explains, ‘We wanted to be confident that we could produce a one off wrap for a company now and deliver a reliable and consistent match in six or 12 months. That is something we could not do with our existing HP CMYK printer.

‘We are also being asked to replicate brand colours and that was not always achievable. Now we are confident in our ability to reproduce even the most challenging of Pantone colours and match them at a later date.’

Mr Smith chose the 1.6m nine-colour machine after visiting a number of sign shows and being impressed with both the results it produced and its competitive pricing. ‘I liked it for a number of reasons,’ he added. ‘First was its speed. Our old system used to take 20 minutes to warm up and if you are running three jobs in a day that is an hour lost. The next is something very little but it makes a big difference to me – the light on the printing panel means I can easily see how the work is looking. Before I would need to stand there with the torch on my phone to check the first few lines to makes sure it was printing well.’

Other benefits have been WrapHub’s ability to run work overnight, savings of up to as much as £15,000 per year in substrate wastage and, thanks to improved quality, the winning of new business.

‘We no longer have conversations with customers about why the vivid colours in the digital files are not as vibrant on the finished job,’ Mr Smith concluded. ‘We can be more imaginative with our creative vision and know the real life application will meet everyone’s expectations.’