DIPA Global has launched Substrate Bank, an online platform housing  substrates for digital printing. 

According to the Dutch company, the bank ‘brings together print media manufacturers and their products on a pure B2B industry platform, making the sourcing and specifying of substrates easy, fast and transparent.’

The plan is for users of the platform to be able to source print substrates with the use of industry-specific search criteria. After registration, users are able to connect with manufacturers directly – to request samples, ask for directions to the nearest distributor, ask about print settings and technical datasheets.

Manufacturers that have already signed up to the initiative include Contra Vision, Xanita, DESARDI, Digital Magnetics, Neenah, Dreamscape wallcovering and Re-board Technology.

‘We see the lines between industry verticals blurring as a result of technological developments and the typical entry barriers to digital print disappearing,’ said Marco Stevens, sales and marketing director of DIPA Global. ‘This requires a modern strategy to connect with potential customers.

‘Material specifiers from global brands and retailers have complex responsibilities. As campaign creators they need trusted product information from reliable sources – for example on environmental aspects and sustainability. These sources are shifting more towards information available online.’