B&B Press, a commercial print business based in Yorkshire, has praised Vpress’ Coreprint web-to-print software, saying it has allowed it to help its customers to ‘Be Brilliant.’

‘We are very passionate about print, we love it,’ said B&B’s sales and marketing director, Dave Stones. ‘We are even more passionate about solving peoples’ challenges in achieving their own business growth ambitions through automation using web-to-print technology.’

The company, which began as a stationer in 1958, first branched out into print when it began producing tickets for social clubs around the north of England. Throughout its existence, Mr Stones stresses, the company has valued new technology.

‘Every year we invest heavily in leading-edge technology and we develop our people’ he says. ‘This has enabled us to evolve into more than just a printer and become a full solutions provider. Key to that ability to engage with our customers, and deliver value for them, has been our relationship with Vpress and the use of its Coreprint platform.

‘Whether it’s for print, packaging, preparation or even something that doesn’t begin with ‘p’, we make sure we’ve got the most modern and capable tools available. It’s the only way to consistently provide our customers with the best quality in the shortest time without cutting corners. In fact, we joke, one thing we’re never going to invest in is a corner cutter. It would only gather dust.’

The company wanted to add value to its customers’ business and decided that the best way to do this was to embrace automation using web-to-print.

‘B&B Press’ experience with web-to-print was very basic when I started five years ago,’ Mr Stones continued. ‘But having had so much experience in my previous roles of onboarding customers through using the technology, I saw the immense potential for it to be transformative.’

‘Onboarding Coreprint was simple and easy, with our team having a couple of days training in Cheltenham,’ Mr Stones explained. ‘We started off slowly, and we leaned on Vpress a lot in the early days. We built a lot of customers sites for free with their support, which is now something we can charge for, and the whole integration process was very straightforward.

‘The biggest advantage for us is the new opportunities it creates. A good example is a customer we have in the animal welfare sector. They are a multi-million pound company with a franchise model. We deploy Vpress to give all of their franchisees the ability to order the marketing and communications they need across 500 centres – while personalising it to their specific regional location and brand identity.

Mr Stones concluded, ‘It’s simple really, Vpress systems bring all the benefits of today’s connected world: exceptional value, precise logistics, improved quality, and a high level of automation.