Infigo Software has compiled a collection of assets to help businesses successfully implement a web-to-print system. The package, called #SuccessfulWebToPrint Hands-On Kit, includes downloadable workbooks, case studies, videos and webinars.

The kit, which is free to access and can be requested online, has been based on an educational session led by Greg Young, Infigo’s customer success director. The session, which was hosted by HP in 2019, was presented to an audience looking to make the most of their online systems. Mr Young outlined solutions to the most common issues companies encounter when implementing a new platform as well as a guide for an effective implementation.

Following positive feedback Infigo has decided to produce a complete guide for a wider audience, as Mr Young explains, ‘We are passionate about all things web-to-print, especially when it comes to helping customers and industry peers make the most of their systems. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, we have been involved in numerous projects and have built up an established knowledge base including the most common pitfalls and the best way to progress with an implementation effectively.’

The kit contains material suitable both for newcomers to the industry and experienced players, including a white paper exploring how web-to-print can help businesses grow in the post-Covid world, implementation advice from Infigo founder and MD Douglas Gibson and insights from two of Infigo’s customers.