Regency Design has appointed Dominic Riley as its new chairman. Mr Riley, who previously held the same role at The Morgan Motor Company, has been appointed to help the business plan for a ‘post-pandemic resurgence.’

The new chairman will support the company’s founder David Harkness and chief commercial officer Zak Manhire in targeting new markets and customers, and in promoting the benefits of a ‘buy British’ strategy.

‘I am looking forward to working with the Regency team,’ MrRiley said. ‘Combining their skills, enthusiasm and experience with my own expertise, knowledge and passion to support British manufacturing.’

Mr Manhire welcomed Dominic to the team, saying, ‘Regency Design is a well invested, onshore manufacturing specialist with more than 25 years of experience and we are looking to grow in a post-Covid world. 

‘With a well-equipped facility and a highly skilled workforce, we believe we are well placed to meet the needs of businesses looking for the benefits that a local manufacturer can bring, with fast turnarounds and a short supply chain that enables us to deliver on time and on budget on any size of order.’