Kernow has introduced KlearGuard, a new scratch resistant coating. Aimed at the retail and healthcare industries, KlearGuard has been developed as an easy-to-apply solution which is resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals that are necessary to kill viruses.

Research shows that over time many surfaces can become damaged, scratched, and scuffed, providing tiny areas that trap these particles and can lead to a build-up of debris and potential contaminates. Kernow says KlearGuard produces a hard coat surface which resists scratching, stays smooth and won’t trap debris in scratches. The surface is also stain resistant and chemical proof, along with conforming to EN71-3 Safety Compliance.

‘In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more critical for safety and wellbeing that surfaces are clean, disinfected, and safe against a variety of contaminates and viruses, including of course the Coronavirus,’ explained sales director Paul Dimery ‘The beauty of KlearGuard is that it improves surface longevity and reduces cleaning and sanitising time, it’s also easy to apply and no machine is needed, so it’s a fast, affordable solution for any environment, particularly hospitals and clinics, retail outlets and supermarkets.’