Muller Martini has launched the Prinova, a new saddle-stitcher designed for medium-length runs and capable of 9000 cycles per hour.

Described as the little brother of the company’s existing Primera machine, the Prinova is being marketed as a ‘digital-ready system,’ for printing houses that are active in digital printing or soon will be.

The system’s feeding stations have been redesigned so that it now boasts individual feeders with servo dives. It is also capable of holding up to 14 individual tiltable feeders and Muller Martini adds that it has made several technical improvements to the Prinova’s three-knife trimmer. All of this combines to allow for much faster changeover times, allowing the Primera to handle short runs more efficiently. 

Swiss finishing specialist Schär Druckverarbeitung ‘thoroughly tested’ the Prinova over a period of six months and managing director Yannick Bucher praised the machine’s ergonomic design saying, ‘Having all of the settings on a centrally located and large touchscreen instead of all over the place is a huge advantage.

‘Because it can be opened from the front or the back, this extremely ergonomic three-knife trimmer can be set up much more quickly,’ he concluded. ‘We used the camera system without a problem during the Prinova test phase at our company. Because we often have products involving a change of language, a reliable control system is incredibly important.’