Mimaki Europe and portable fume extraction specialists BOFA International have teamed up to release the new BOFA Air Purifier Unit, developed for use with Mimaki’s SWJ-320EA solvent printer.

The product extracts VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitted during production to ‘ensure a cleaner and more pleasant working environment.’

BOFA’s research and team utilised elements from two pre-existing PrintPRO Universal extractors to develop the new unit. Drawing upon this expertise, BOFA created the new 4m purifier that attaches directly onto the 3.2m Mimaki SWJ-320EA printer, with a 5mm continuous gap from the media. It effectively extracts the fumes across its length, proceeds to filter them, and then releases the clean air back into the production environment.

Extensive testing has confirmed that the level of VOCs released from the printer dropped from highs of 250ppm to as low as 1.8ppm. The BOFA Air Purifier Unit also reduces any unpleasant odour to an ‘absolute minimum’ and features user replaceable HEPA/gas filters.

Mimaki says the SWJ-320EA, launched in 2019, ‘combines productivity and print quality with low operational costs and initial outlay, offering a cost-effective solution for super-wide and large format printing.’

‘BOFA are market leaders in portable fume extraction technology and their expertise proved invaluable when developing a solution that supports our latest solvent printer,’ explained Bert Benckhuysen, senior product manager from Mimaki Europe. ‘As a result of this successful collaboration, the ‘business benefits’ of investing in the SWJ-320EA with a BOFA Air Purifier Unit span all areas of the user’s organisation – from the production line and production floor to product quality and profitability – giving our customers a significant competitive edge.’

The printer and its optional BOFA Air Purifier Unit are now commercially available through Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, Hybrid Services.