EFI is hosting a webinar series highlighting current and future innovations in the company’s PrintFlow Dynamic Scheduling software.

The four-part series will be hosted by EFI’s senior product director, Udi Arieli, the inventor of PrintFlow. Mr Arieli, who also developed the Theory of Global Optimisation, has worked in print for 40 years and plans to retire at the end of 2020.

‘Through my work in print and packaging software development – including PrintFlow Dynamic Intelligent Scheduling and the Theory of Global Optimisation – we have succeeded in integrating a theory and product into one powerful offering,’ Mr Arieli said. ‘This is my life’s work, and I am pleased to celebrate this unique milestone with a series of webinars detailing what my EFI colleagues and I have achieved for our customers worldwide.

‘The largest payback for all of us is the successful change we brought to our customers. In the beginning, most people did not believe that theories and dynamic intelligent scheduling are needed and can work for the printing industry. We had to fight and educate the industry, and we were able to prove that it does work and is important for business continuity and profitability.’

The first seminar took place on 23 June but is available to watch online. it was titled, ‘Myths of the Print Industry and the Theory of Global Optimisation.’

The final three installments in the series will take place on 30 June (Are you an Optimizer or a Scheduler?), 14 July (Lean Manufacturing and/or TGO) and 21 July (The Future of Dynamic Scheduling).