Roland has confirmed that its new EJ-640 DECO printer, unveiled in March, is now available throughout the EMEA region.

Designed specifically for the interior décor market, the EJ-640 DECO runs water-based inks and is able to produce customised wallpaper, lampshades, blinds, posters, exhibition graphics and outdoor promotions. It is intended to meet the needs of the ever-growing consumer appetite for eco-friendly products and designs that stand out from the crowd.

One satisfied customer is The Print Hive, based in Western Super Mare, which says the machine is integral to its bespoke digital wallpaper printing service. ‘We have seen significant growth in demand for décor in the retail, commercial and domestic markets,’ said director Chaz Dobson. ‘After testing the EJ-640 DECO for six months we have switched completely from another brand to the new Roland for all of our décor and wallpaper.

‘We’re convinced by the benefits of a water-based solution that meets all health and safety requirements without productivity or quality constraints. We’re positively impressed by the EJ-640 DECO’s fast turnaround speeds – prints are instantly dry, with no outgassing required – and the low running costs compared to alternative solutions.’