Print4UK has brought perfect binding inhouse with a Horizon BQ-270V single clamp perfect binder, supplied by Intelligent Finishing Systems.

We wanted the flexibility to be able to bind just one book on demand or as many thousands of books as necessary,’ explained John Attard, director or corporate services at the London-based commercial printer.

‘After some research and conversations with other SME printers we approached IFS and asked if we could see a demonstration of a machine in-situ rather than in the showroom. This was arranged and, after seeing the machine in action, we were persuaded with what we saw.

‘We did look at other machines but felt that the BQ-270V was better suited to meet our business model,’ Mr Attard continued. ‘We liked the fact start up and close down are quick and hassle-free, there are very few make-readies required and the quality of the finish is consistently excellent. This machine has an authentic commercial feel to it with an outstanding cycle speed. The automatic cover feed and scoring is done efficiently and is a huge advantage compared with manual feed machines. It is really easy to operate and all of our staff on the shop floor love it.’

As for return on investment he added, ‘Based purely on our current volume our projected return, over four years, is expected to be very positive. We also hope this will increase as we spread the word.’

Print4UK’s 500cph Horizon BQ-270V single-clamp perfect binder includes an automated, sensor-activated digital caliper system which consistently measures book block thickness and automatically transfers this data to the binder for quick, automated set-up for books of different thicknesses. It features a large intelligent color touch-screen, job programming, and a compact configuration.

Mr Attard concluded, ‘Our experience working with IFS has been very positive. Our sales representative was very accommodating, arranging a local demonstration and has continued to stay in touch. The training was excellent too and it was both knowledgeably and personably delivered.’