Inspirwood, a Devon-based company that specialises in printing onto wood, has used Mimaki printers to launch a charity campaign that was featured on BBC News.

The ‘Show you care and gift someone a rainbow’ campaign aims to raise £100,000 for charities involved in the fight against Coronavirus by producing key-rings, printed in the colours of the rainbow, 

The rainbows are printed onto sustainable birchwood using the company’s Mimaki JFX200-2513 LED UV flatbed printer with all profits going to Age UK, a local food bank and NHS Charities Together.

‘We’re hoping to spread a bit of happiness and positivity,’ says Inspirwood’s Pete Williams. ‘We have a friend who works for the NHS in Torbay and we felt really bad she was working her socks off doing long days while we were doing not a lot really.

‘We have other friends working in supermarkets and postmen out there, we felt a bit inadequate, so my wife Kate and I decided to do something. The key-rings can be ordered and personalised online and sent to someone special as a way of saying thanks.’

Founded in 2004 as a graphic design studio, husband and wife Pete and Kate Williams have since developed Inspirwood to specialise in printing and decorating onto wooden substrates. In ordinary times the company offers a range of products from stationery and business cards through to signage, point of sale and trophies.