Flexpress has installed the UK’s first DuSense Digi Foil, giving it the capacity to add 3D foiling to a range of products that includes business cards, greetings and postcards, invitations, folders and flyers.

The trade printer, which operates digital presses from HP and Canon, values Duplo’s finishing equipment, having also been the first company in the country to purchase a DuSense sensory coater, which was installed at its Leicester premises in 2017.

The Digi Foiler, which uses the Qsleek technology, has been especially designed to add foil to the clear ‘spot UV’ ink laid down by the DuSense. It uses an induction heating process inside the roller, which uses a silicon compound rubber that has been designed to follow the contours of the coated effect. Duplo says this brings higher accuracy than found in competing systems. The roller surface temperature is continuously measured and the heating tubes ensure that the heat distribution across the roller is uniform; highly elastic foils are used to avoid cracking and to yield a smooth and even coating.

‘Flexpress has never shied away from new technology,’ said managing director Steve Wenlock. ‘In fact we embrace it as it gives us an edge over competition and allows us to give a much wider range of services to our customers. The application of this new raised foil technique gives beautiful results and I was excited at the potential that it could give – we already foil, but this is new, and I expect our customers to be bowled over by it.’

Mitch Ball, regional sales manager for Duplo added, ‘I loved showing off the Digi Foil to Steve, it’s a perfect fit and compliments the DuSense and Flexpress’ commitment to quality and excellence. It’s hard trying to get a UK first into a printer since it’s more of a beta site than anything else, but we knew Flexpress would be able to fly with it. The effect that the combination of the DuSense and the Digi Foiler are absolutely epic and create a lasting impression, coupled with Steve’s innate ability to sell print to the trade, I have no doubt he’s going to be able to make his production floor even more profitable.’