Graphtec GB has introduced a new range of cutting plotters for use with roll-fed print media. It includes four models that the company says provide ‘radically enhanced’ performance.

The CE7000 series replaces the CE6000 and now offers four models (there were previously two) , designated the 40, 60, 130 and 160 and offering widths of 484, 712, 1372 and 1626mm. The larger two offer cutting speeds of up to 1000mm/min and a maximum cutting force of 450g.

Suitable for most types of flexible and semi-rigid media, including self-adhesive vinyl, heat transfer and paper and card stocks, for applications such as sign and graphics, vehicle marking and decals, packaging and print wear, the CE7000 series also features v8 of Graphtec’s Arms (advanced registration mark sensing) capability, which support tracking of items up to 5m in length to maintain cutting accuracy.

Graphtec’s own design and production software for Mac or Windows is included with all models, as is a two-year warranty. An optional program for cutting integration with Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw and other vector-based is alos offered.