Mutoh has introduced a pair of desktop direct-to-object (DtO) UV LED-curing printers for commercial and industrial applications, plus new dedicated RIP software for existing models.

The new XpertJet 461UF and XpertJet 661UF can both be configured for CMYK-only or CMYK plus white and varnish operation and offer print bed areas of over A3 and over A2 respectively (10mm wider and longer than in the existing ValueJet 462UF and 626UF models), while permitting printing onto objects up to 15cm tall/deep. Typical suggested applications include printed phone covers, personalised gifts, photo products, promotional items like pens, lighters and USB sticks, souvenirs, small signs and limited run packaging or prototyping.

Suitable for use in office environments, being both VOC-free and not containing any hazardous air pollutants, the two printers also feature a proprietary UV curing technique that Mutoh calls ‘local dimming control’. By varying the output of six individually controllable segments within the two inch-wide UV curing lamp, this allows a choice of varnish finishing within one print table movement, enabling creative combinations of gloss, satin and matte effects. The varnish ink option also allows for structured/textured effects. The printers ship with a Windows print driver to allow for output from applications such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw and support remote status monitoring via smartphone or tablet.

Mutoh has also introduced Digital Factory UV – Mutoh Edition, RIP software developed for Mutoh Europe by CADlink Technology and designed specifically to drive the ValueJet 426UF and 626UF models. The software enables the creation of jig templates for use when printing on multiple small items, and provides colour management, including support for white and clear inks. Mutoh says it offers a ‘dramatically simplified’ production workflow to help both graphic designers and printer operators to work efficiently and correctly with white and clear inks.