The IPIA has introduced a ‘Lite’ membership category as part of a drive to open up the benefits of membership to a wider segment of the commercial print industry. 

The IPIA was originally formed to represent the interests of and support the relationship between print management and trade printers. As the industry has evolved over the past few years the organisation has strived to change with it and as such the Secretariat and Council took the decision to develop a new membership category, which for the first time opens a specific tailored suite of benefits to companies that do not offer trade services.

Newly appointed general manager Brendan Perring is fully in favour of this new strategy. ‘It was clear to me when I joined the team at the beginning of 2019 that the IPIA has so much to offer. Allowing non-trade companies to join us opens a core of our benefits up to so many more businesses. It will also give businesses that have never been part of an association the ability to engage and understand the immense value being part of such a network can bring.

‘The industry has changed dramatically over the last few years; challenges faced by businesses 20 years ago are simply not the same anymore and it is our job as a trade association to respect and keep up with those changes. That means the support we offer must evolve as well.’