Colourpoint has invested in a Foliant Taurus industrial laminating machine from Intelligent Finishing Systems. 

The Foliant Taurus can work at speeds up to 30 m/min and features a rising pile back separation stream feeder and a suction paper feed head. It incorporates feeder, laminator, and a sheet separator in a single construction. 

‘We had an older lamination system and it was time to upgrade,’ explained Colourpoint director Karl Hnat. ‘We reviewed the options on the market and we liked the Foliant for a number of reasons. It is robustly built, can handle a wide range of substrates and is easy to run. It fitted the bill. 

‘We looked at the machine at various trade shows, tested it in the IFS demonstration suite and saw it running at another printers who are producing quality work similar to ourselves.’

The Buckinghamshire-based business has also purchased a Foliant Multi-functional Inprinting Unit to meet its foiling needs.

The unit applies foil or varnish to a pre-printed black toner. The sheet can then be overprinted mono or four-colour. It runs a wide range of colours including gold, silver, red and green and a clear gloss for spot varnish. 

‘We have traditional foiling capabilities,’ finished Mr Hnat. ‘But the foiling unit allows us to offer cost effective digital foiling on fast turnaround short runs. We can respond to what customers want.’