Max Spielmann has taken delivery of 450 calendar binding kits from Renz UK, marking the supplier’s biggest ever multiple machine order.

Ivan Sestan, innovation director, explained the group’s decision to enable in-store on demand calendar production, ‘For the past five years we have printed calendars at our central production site but there are big peaks in October, November and December. We thought we could improve the service to our customers by distributing the production to the point of sale.

‘We explored the best way this could be achieved. We found the calendar binding line from Renz was quick and easy to install, simple to use and assured a high-quality product. Reliability was critical as well and we liked the fact there is good ongoing support.’

Each binding kit consists of a Renz SRW 360 table-top wire binder, a Renz TC20 calendar thumb cut punch, 100 wires and 100 hangers.

‘We trialled it for four months and were very pleased with the results,’ continued Mr Sestan. ‘We chose to roll the same lines out throughout the stores because we didn’t want to have to support and train multiple solutions and wanted product consistency for all our customers. The last lines have just gone in and are ready for this festive season’s busy period.’

Max Spielmann uses Epson desktop printers with a production process supported by an online ordering service that enables an order to receipt production of just an hour.

Mr Sestan added, ‘We believe this will help us grow sales because we can provide a more responsive and faster turnaround service. We are adding additional opportunities such as photobooks, documents, dissertations, CVs and orders of service.’