Joint managing directors Glyn Johnson (left) and Dan Brook (right) pictured in front of the new Hans Gronhi press.

Barnsley trade printer Spin Print Solutions has added to its digital print capability with the installation of MGI’s Meteor DP8700XL press, alongside a new Xerox 800, a Duplo stitching line, and a Chinese-built Hans Gronhi GH525 B3 litho press from Printers Superstore.

Versatility is key for the £1.5 million turnover company, which deals with a lot of print management companies. The Xerox press has been brought in to provide extra capacity and backup for the company’s Xerox 1000 system, while the MGI Meteor offers new opportunities.

‘It bridges the gap between litho and digital, because it can run litho stocks which are laser guaranteed,’ said joint managing director Dan Brook. ‘Plus it will produce 6- and 8-page A4 documents, and print on a range of materials. It’s a unique machine.’

Business is growing at Spin Print – something that Mr Brook puts down to reputation and word of mouth. Demand is even growing for B3 litho print, hence the investment in the Hans Gronhi. ‘We have the right kit and offer the right products, but we also offer excellent service, we meet every deadline and we take pride in the quality of our work.’