A new Top-Level Domain (TLD) has been created so that companies operating within the print industry are able to identify themselves online with the .ink suffix instead of .com or.co.uk.

The new .ink extension caters to industries or individuals involved with ink – from typographers and printers to publishers and artists. The domain extension has now been launched for general availability, where domain name registrations are secured on a first come, first serve basis.

The .ink TLD will allow any individual or company that uses ink as part of their creative process to broadcast their work to the world.

Raymond King, CEO at Top Level Design commented, ‘Whether you’re a printer manufacturer or supplier, .ink offers a host of businesses globally the opportunity to stake their claim on domain names that better represent the industry online. If there’s a .ink domain name of interest, now is the best time to secure it.’

King added, ‘The initial reaction to .ink from major print brands and ink manufacturers has been tremendously encouraging and points to its future success as a new hub for print businesses around the world.’

For brands and businesses secure a .ink domain, simply visit a domain registrar or visit http://get.ink/ for more information.