Property marketing agency ehouse is working with London based TG Print & Design to produce high quality property brochures on the LumeJet S200 photonic printer.

The books are designed and originated by the ehouse team and are then created on the S200 using precision light rather than ink, producing a wide range of realistic colours and pin-point sharpness in the images and text.

Managing director, Ben Fillmore said, ‘We pride ourselves in our print design and production teams’ capacity to consistently produce dynamic, attractive and informative print media, and we spend a huge amount of time, effort and money in creating premium products. We were very happy to see clients such as Savills, Strutt & Parker and Hamptons as all early adopters of this exciting new technology, and we understand they each have some very satisfied vendors. 

‘We have traditionally offered both litho and digital print solutions, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, but this new photonic system produces a document that is a noticeable step up in quality. When we choose between the existing print options we understand that there are limitations and we try and work around them wherever we can. For instance there are reproduction issues with very blue skies and green lawns reducing in saturation when compared to a screen. We also can have problems with regular patterns such as tiles in bathrooms or on roofs, but these all cease to be an issue when we use the LumeJet. Having the photograph reproduced in print as it looks to the eye is something that has to be seen to be understood. High value visual fidelity is just one of the advantages of using the LumeJet. Well produced print, with high production values, tends to have a longer life in the market, bringing additional opportunities for properties to be seen and reviewed by the widest audience. It also makes a clear branding statement both about the property and the estate agency using it.’

Miles Bentley, LumeJet’s commercial director, said, ‘We believed that property brochures produced on our machine could offer ehouse, and its clients, a commercial advantage in a market that is highly competitive. TG Print & Design is one of the early adopters of the LumeJet technology and has developed a specialist range of products to service ehouse’s needs.

‘It is fantastic to see such an innovative and commercially oriented print company buy a LumeJet S200. They have the vision to utilise the capability of the S200 to literally print anything and offer a competitive edge to their customers.’

‘We have been really excited to work on this project with ehouse,’ said Dave Duhig, TG Print & Design’s managing director. ‘The LumeJet S200 has dovetailed with our existing technology to give clients like ehouse really high end products, and at the same time providing us with a profitable revenue stream.’