The Russell Press, Nottingham, established in 1968 by the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation has invested in a CP Bourg 3002 binder from Terry Cooper Services.

Created to provide a supportive and cost-effective printing service The Russell Press works with charities, social enterprises and campaigning organisations. 

It was Betrand Russell himself who said, ‘Man needs, for his happiness, not only the enjoyment of this or that, but hope and enterprise and change.’

Mike Coates, managing director, said, ‘We wanted to add value to what we doing and so looked into offering wings on the covers of our perfect bound books and magazines. It is another string to our bow. 

‘We were being asked for the capability more and more and there is a lot of competition for short run book production so if you can offer something a little bit extra it can help you stand out.’

The new investment also means that the company can bring a lot of its work inhouse, helping the company to control the timing of the jobs it does.

Energy consumption was also a consideration, ‘We have ISO14001 and so always consider energy usage in any purchase. The binder has a much lower consumption than our older system so that is an automatic improvement.’ 

He added, ‘Our older system was a two man operation but the new binder only requires one. This frees up a member of staff to work in other departments ensuring a smooth end-to-end workflow.’ 

The binder features a colour touchscreen interface (GUI) and is ideal for on-demand customised applications, producing single books from 2 to 600 sheets. 

The BB3002 EVA adapts automatically to the thickness of each job. This reduces loss of productivity and allows a peak speed of 650 cycles per hour. This perfect binder can produce a variety of books ranging from small square books to large custom sizes.