An example of GMP’s Sleeking


Following the launch of GMP’s Sleeking technology at The Print Show last year, the company has expanded the range to include a brand new entry level model aimed specifically at copy shops and quick print professionals.

GMP Sleeking enables a wide range of holographic, gloss spot and metallic effects to be layered onto digital print without the need for lamination first. The technology gives printers the chance to add value to print with a wide choice of exciting finishes that can be combined to create print with real impact. What’s more is that it can all be achieved in-house on a single machine.

‘We are aiming to support copy shops and digital printers in creating a new market for them using our Sleeking technology,’ explained Will Duggins, business development manager. ‘GMP Sleeking does not need lamination or the use of corona treated film, both of which are expensive and time consuming. It gives copy shops and digital printers the chance to add creative effects to their print quickly, easily and cost effectively.

‘Recently we have partnered with sleeking experts Easyprint to provide a full sleeking service for those shops that are not quite ready to invest in the sleeking machine. This means that they can build their sleeking market, see what the machine can produce and then make their machine purchase based on their own experience and their customers’ requirements.’

GMP has also put together a complete sleeking marketing pack for copy shops to enable them to promote their new sleeking service to their customers. Sleeking demo days are being arranged during March, April and May at GMP UK in Banbury specifically for quick print shops. As well as showing the capabilities of the GMP machines, the days will focus on how the copy shops can use sleeking to enhance their bottom line.