The BPM module can be incorporated on a digital printer


The Bourg Preparation Module (BPM), a scalable sheet preparation module, allows intervention-free book making and binding and will be displayed at drupa 2016.

Sheets are converted from large to small formats in a single pass, enabling multiple books or booklet formats from media of a single size. The BPM works inline with select digital printers and presses, as well as offline, or in dual mode connected to a Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF), to create perfect bound or stitched books and booklets.

Printers can print on large sheets with multi-up imposition, which optimises their click charge. Additionally, the BPM reduces time consuming processes such as preparing media in multiple sizes, manually setting up machines and trimming finished jobs, all while minimising human intervention and the risk of human error.

The operator loads a single sized media into the printer/press and completes the process by unloading the finished books or booklets. Jobs are converted from large formats up to 600 x 370 mm to small formats down to 139 x 120 mm in a single pass. The processed sheets can feed directly from the BPM into a downstream C.P Bourg BB3202 perfect binder or BM-e booklet maker.

‘The capabilities being unveiled with the BPM are an industry game changer,’ said Sacha Paolucci, commercial director at C.P Bourg S.A. ‘With the BPM, printers can gain an added edge in speed, profitability and simplicity, while ensuring first rate results virtually hands free. This works to create a better end product and increased customer satisfaction.’