Publishers and printers will explore how the industry can reinvent the book at Canon’s annual Future Book Forum.

‘The reason I have been going for the last three years is that technology is changing so quickly, explained Nigel Eyre, global production director (Books), Taylor and Francis Group. ‘The Canon event attracts people with a huge amount of expertise and knowledge that they are willing to share.’ 

‘Digital printing has changed our world,’ said Mike Levaggi, group production director of Harper Collins. ‘Technology has developed to such a degree that 30% of our products are now printed digitally. Within five years, I’m sure that at least 50% will be printed digitally.

‘The next big benefit will be in trade colour digital printing, including children’s books,’ Mr Levaggi predicted.

The forum, which will feature with interactive sessions, industry discussions and insight forms a ‘platform to exchange ideas and feedback on the challenges of today, and discover the big opportunities of tomorrow,’ pronounced Craig Nethercott, director, commercial printing, Canon UK.

The event will take place from 2-4 November at the Canon Customer Experience Centre in Poing, Germany.