ONYX Hub is designed to give print businesses greater control on their print workflows


ArtSystems and ONYX Graphics are giving print service providers the chance to find out how much media their print business could be wasting with an ONYX Hub Print Profit Audit.

ONYX Hub is designed to give print businesses greater control on their print workflows  with entire visibility of the printing environment. Keeping control of costs is an ongoing demand and ONYX Hub is designed to do just that.

ArtSystems is now running an ONYX Hub Print Profit Audit campaign to let print business owners get to see how they can use ONYX Hub in their business to help them get a better understanding of how to control media wastage.

‘ArtSystems is a neutral source of expertise for print users as we don’t sell direct it means users can have conversations with us about their print workflows and we can show them where ONYX Hub could help them. Only at the point where they want to move to acquiring ONYX would we then work with a reseller partner for them to implement the solution, again this is driven by them not us. We know that the average general media wastage figure is between 22%-30% that is a real large figure not have visibility on and to have a plan to control!’ said Andrew Edwards, divisional manager Sign & Display Products.

The technology behind ONYX Hub continues to evolve, the recent announcement of ONYX 18 is an example of how giving users greater control of every aspect of the print workflow through easy to use and accessible interfaces drives all of ONYX product development. Retaining profit in print is only possible if the full costs of every job are accessible, then business owners can make informed decisions and keep control of their profitability. The first step on that journey is to really understand where media wastage is happening the ONYX Hub Print Profit Audit is an easy first step to take.


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