The V-8000 Series of reflective films uses prismatic technology to stand out


Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has released a full range of reflective films, premiered at Fespa 2018 and designed to provide “the highest possible” vehicle and brand visibility. 

Most popular in the range, the V-8000 Series of reflective films is available in six colours that use prismatic technology. Oliver Guenther, senior director, marketing and channel strategy, said, ‘The omnidirectional reflectivity offered by V-8000 materials gives a significant improvement to visibility at night and in other low-light conditions. Of course, vehicles with V-8000 also stand out more during the day – great for brand visibility.’

V-8000 materials reflect well in all directions, making installation easier as the films conform to curves and can be applied in any orientation. A 1.22m width ensures less material waste, and the materials can be both printed and cut. A solid metallic layer means they resist water, dirt and reflectivity loss from dents. 

Mr Guenther added, ‘Converters can also select from the V-4000 Series – a beaded reflective film available in six colours, which suits long-term commercial and emergency fleet applications. Another series, V-4000E for truck and trailer applications, complies with ECE-104 Class E. We also offer omnidirectional Conspicuity Tape materials for both rigid surfaces and flexible PVC curtains, allowing high-visibility areas to be created on vehicles in any required configuration.’