Duplo has added the Ideal 56 guillotine to the range of finishing equipment it supplies. Compared to its predecessors the German-made machine is 40% faster during the cutting process, boats 50% higher maximum pressing pressure and has a backgauge that is 100% faster.

The guillotine has been developed to make working on a compact machine ‘more efficient, easier and safer.’ It has a maximum cutting length 560mm and cutting height of 80mm.

Duplo says that the guillotine, which comes with a 15.6in multi-touch user interface, ‘redefines the cutting process with well thought out digital functions, intelligent and intuitive controls, convenient operations and an accelerated work process.’

The machine’s Cut-Control process is said to offer ‘full transparency of the individual cutting steps,’ and can be used to create, manage, change, and process cutting programs. In addition the file manager allows for the creation of a freely selectable folder structure for upcoming tasks as well as the storage of meaningful project names for programs to be saved.

Finally the 56’s ergonomic Precision-Drive ‘joystick’ enables the manual fine adjustment of the backgauge.