Since introducing its ‘Enabling Carbon Neutrality’ programme five years ago, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe has offset more than 30,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

This means that, working with customers from across sixteen European countries, the company has saved enough carbon to make 2300 trips around the world.

‘We are delighted with this result,’ said Olaf Lorenz, senior general manager, Digital Transformation Division. ‘We take our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment very seriously and it shows that our efforts are paying off. However, offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions is only the last step. That is why we are focusing primarily on avoiding and reducing energy consumption and substituting CO2-emitting power sources with green energy.’

Konica Minolta’s strategic partners have played an important role in the success. For example, in the UK Relay Technical Transport has introduced a brand new co-branded Mercedes-Benz tractor unit to its fleet, which runs on Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and is used exclusively for Konica Minolta consignments. This eco-friendly synthetic paraffinic fuel is of very high quality, stable and composed of 100% sustainable raw materials. As an alternative to diesel, it offers a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 90%.