AXYZ Automation Group has launched ‘Fabricators Fighting COVID-19’, an initiative intended to provide a forum for people to discuss ideas and designs for PPE and other safety supplies. 

‘When COVID-19 became an international pandemic, we noticed that many of our customers were eager to help in the fight against the virus by fabricating innovative solutions for PPE and other safety supplies,’ explained regional marketing associate Janine Roberts. ‘The issue we discovered was that there was no forum to share these ideas, designs and discussions.’

As a result, AXYZ has created an online group called Fabricators Fighting COVID-19 on LinkedIn. In this group people involved in the production of safety shields, face masks and other essential products required by our communities can come together to share inspiration. AXYZ is also connecting fabricators with members of the community for specific safety requests, whenever possible.

‘The sense of community among fabricators across the globe has never been stronger and we want to people to be a part this community,’ Ms Roberts concluded.

Interested parties can join the group here: