As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt countries across the world, it is good to report that companies within the printing industry are doing what they can to help.

In China, which has of course been harder hit than anywhere else, Ricoh has donated 7 million Yuan (approximately £850,000) to recovery efforts. 

A company statement read:

‘In order to support the recovery effort, we will donate funds to support a recovery project in Hubei Province through the RED CROSS Society of China Shanghai Branch. Additionally, we will donate multi-function printers and duplicators to the education department as well as elementary and junior high schools in China. We will also provide free support and supplies to our production print customers in Hubei Province.

‘Ricoh sends its best wishes to all patients for a speedy recovery and hope that the virus infection will end quickly. We will look forward to supporting the progress of the recovery activities.’

Konica Minolta has also announced that it will donate eight units of its ultrasonic diagnostic device SONIMAGE HS1 to six hospitals in Wuhan.

In its statement Konica Minolta said:

‘The Konica Minolta Group will continue supporting Chinese medical communities and people who work for treatment of patients through its initiatives and activities in installing and maintaining medical equipment and responding to customer inquiries. The Group extends its sympathy to the people and regions affected by the outbreak and hopes patients’ swift recovery.’

Finally Canon is donating a full-body X-ray CT diagnosis system to the Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in the city of Wuhan. Using this system, medical professionals can perform clinical tests for emphysema caused by the Novel Coronavirus.

Canon stated:

‘We at Canon extend our heartfelt condolences to those who have perished due to the virus, as well as those currently suffering from it and those living in fear of its effects. Our thoughts go out to all affected, and we sincerely hope that those who have contracted the virus recover as soon as possible.

‘Through the donation of the X-ray CT diagnosis system, the Canon Group aims to support medical professionals and those in other industries working to treat patients who have contracted the Novel Coronavirus. In addition, Canon will provide needed parts and maintenance to hospitals throughout China that use the company’s medical devices.’